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Chakrabarthi Dance,
Chakrabarthi Dance,

Chakrabarthi Dance, "Seien" (FR) (D-BT13/FR08EN) [Flight of Chakrabarthi]

Rarity: Frame Rare
Set Name: Flight of Chakrabarthi
Card Number: D-BT13/FR08EN
Release Date: 2023-12-08
Unit: Blitz Order
Grade: 2
Skill Icon: None
Nation: Dragon Empire
Race: Abyss Dragon
Power: 0
Shield: 0
Critical: 0
Play this if your damage zone has three or more cards!Choose a unit being attacked, and it gets [Power] +15000 until end of that battle. If your opponent's vanguard was placed by a card's ability this turn, it gets +30000 instead of +15000.

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