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Dragheart, Luard (D-SS10/T01EN) [Stride Deckset -Luard-]
Dragheart, Luard (D-SS10/T01EN) [Stride Deckset -Luard-]

Dragheart, Luard (D-SS10/T01EN) [Stride Deckset -Luard-]

Rarity: Token
Set Name: Stride Deckset -Luard-
Card Number: D-SS10/T01EN
Release Date: TBA
Unit: Normal
Grade: 0
Race: Abyss Dragon
Power: 0
Shield: 0
Critical: 1
[CONT]:You can perform [Stride], and cannot ride grade 3 or greater cards without "Luard" in their card names. [CONT]:The original [Power] of your grade 3 cards with "Luard" in their card names become 13000. (Including Heart cards) [CONT]:During your turn, if you have a grade 3 or greater vanguard with "Luard" in its card name, all of your front row units get [Power] +5000 for each face up card in your G zone. [AUTO]:At the end of your turn, if you [Stride] without paying cost this turn, choose up to one [Critical] trigger from your drop, and put it on the bottom of the deck.

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